I’m Simon, I’ve had a bicycle of one sort or another for as long as I can remember. My first ‘real’ bike was a blue Puch – I wasn’t allowed drop bars on it though, I had to have straight ones. When I outgrew that I got a red Falcon Black Diamond. I’ve still got the bike and this site is about it and my efforts to restore it to its former glory.

Falcon Cycles are a British brand of bicycles. Managed by Ernie Clements in the 1950s, he designed a number of their steel-framed bikes.

The Black Diamond was made from the 1960s to 1980s, mine is a 1978 model.

In its slightly sad, pre-restoration state

Recent updates

Recent blog entries

And we’re off…

Having got the frame back I have now made a start on building it back into a bike. I’ve started with the bottom bracket, guided by an excellent video from Park Tool (see below) with the great Calvin Jones (if you haven’t seen any of his maintenance videos you’ve missedContinue reading “And we’re off…”

The frame is back

A trip to Argos Racing Cycles today to pick up my frame resulted in me collecting this beauty. They straightened a couple of kinks in the frame out, sorted out the tracking of forks and rear dropouts, resprayed it and applied the decals. The decals are replicas of the originalContinue reading “The frame is back”

Another catalogue

I found another Falcon catalogue online, this time 1978 with a picture of my bike as new. I dated the catalogue from the race team details in it so am certain of the date. It also ties in with when I remember getting the bike. I’ve uploaded the full catalogueContinue reading “Another catalogue”

Toe straps

Keeping myself busy while waiting for the frame to come back, I’ve been searching for parts online. I wasn’t happy with the straps I’d bought for my Sturmey Archer toe clips, so was surprised when I came across a shop card with 10 Sturmey Archer straps. Although the original strapsContinue reading “Toe straps”

Painting the frame

Just a quick update on the frame. Yesterday I was travelling past Bristol so popped into Argos Racing Cycles to drop my frame off to be resprayed. Far from just handing it over and walking away, I spent ages there. Mark carried out a thorough inspection of the frame, andContinue reading “Painting the frame”


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  1. Toby Starkie says:

    Hi Simon,
    I have my uncle’s old Falcon Diamond back, incidentally his name is Simon. I have recently broken the clip on the mudguard. I don’t suppose you have any good links for parts etc. P.S nice website


    1. SimonA says:

      Thanks. I’ve found that eBay is a good source of odd little items like that. If you’re on Facebook there are a some vintage bike groups there that might help. Such as
      Vintage Bicycles UK – https://www.facebook.com/groups/vintagebicyclesuk/
      Retro Road Bike Restorations – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1000942923587549/
      STEEL IS REAL – Classic Vintage Road Bikes – https://www.facebook.com/groups/steelisrealvintageroadbikes/
      you could ask on one of those. Add a picture of the broken part and see if anyone there has one
      Or try a Cycle jumble, the Facebook Group for those is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1925764514413445/


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